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    Guild Package

    Post  Admin on Sat Oct 08, 2011 7:01 am

    Got a Guild? Start out easy!

    It is finally here, our Guild Transfer package! We choose to reward those who brings an active community to our server, because it's harsh to start all over again right? Here you'll find all your needed information below:

    Rules & Requirements

    *Must have 5 or more guild members (ALT characters will be ignored)
    *Must be a new guild that joined the server, one week or before.
    *Guild members must be at least beyond Novice Arena, and a minimum level of 50 to quality.
    *Only Guild Leader is allowed to apply for guild package.
    *All players will be going through an IP check to prevent cheating, and may result in a disqualification from the guild packages, newcomers in the guild will not get the guild package after the guild package is distributed.
    *No Multiple Guild Creation, this also may result in a disqualification from the guild packages.

    To apply, please send the following form to Admin JiM on AncientRO forums for it to be looked at

    Guild Name:
    Guild Leader:
    Previous server came from:
    Screenshots / Videos footage of the guild (EX: from WoE / Social / Events and etc.):
    Guild Member count total joining:
    All guild members ingame name:

    -Admin JiM

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